LED Motorcycle Headlights Review – LED, HID, or Halogen?

What’s a guy so today I am finally getting around doing a project that I’ve been wanting to do for months now and that is to convert my headlights LED I’ve been using college involves actually just upgraded to a high performance halogen but I do want to compare with the LEDs and I do just want to tell you looks when I ordered the lobster Amazon they only came in pairs so I had to buy 2 of pizza 287 volts to a formal round I’ll meaning wanted beach I did him other customer service to their website there are more than happy to send you 1.

LED Motorcycle HeadlightsSo I do suggest emailing the birds you want like that but out of the patient though I ended up buying both standing on the song once identifying the tuning LED headlights that because comparing price just back from what other products on the market http://telkomrdc-media.com these ones were the best that. I could find and I actually got them on my car days ago and absolute love them though I do recommend these lines the turnout llama by I do want to drop $100 under $20 for the high end. Someone that could be the one artistic on so let’s get to it.

So the difference of these lights. If you. That this is a Philips crystal vision old truck for the low beam that you’ll be seeing and this is the new Mick tuning LED headlight gold so we fired up for you just so you can see for yourself. Alright so I finally got the low beam. LED light installed. I did have a couple issues getting it in its kind of tricky because this fan housing is so low profile to the to the poll that then the wire that hold your balls in place. It couldn’t really get around fan housing in order to latch in place and I did get so locked in place but as you can see there’s still a little bit of movement so I’m gonna do is just modify the boot though death due to goes around it I’m so that will hold in place a lot better anyway so I’m I’m not too concerned but it was a little bit of a trick to get on but you can just a cigarette out.

I think now that we have resolved although could down that night. Here let’s just thinking on the other side they’re all done. The. As I said before I do have another study that I need you read out so if you want to upgrade to LED headlights. Just let me know and all hook you up and so don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a thumbs up if you found this helpful I’m it lets me know whether or not my views are helping so artsy next articles.