Japanese pickup with American customs.

Japanese pickupThe story of the beloved by American buyers Japanese cars Toyota Tundra Car Group starts since 1999. Initially, he had the name of the T100 and occupied a niche between a purely American frame SUVs and pickup trucks Ford F-Series and Dodge Ram Series 1500. Embodying the best specifications, economy and massive appearance, It won the trust of demanding Americans and became the most popular pickup truck sold in the territory of USA.

Passenger comfort provides the dual-zone climate control, cruise control, electric windows, door mirrors and driver’s seat, the JBL multimedia system, as well as a rear-view camera to facilitate parking. Salon can have leather upholstery. Versions of the body with a cabin for two passengers, as well as a number of seats for the rear seats can have elongated body at 6.28 meters. The four-door version has a full three-seater sofa for rear passengers, with adjustable backrest angle and rails to make room for luggage.