2013 Ford Escape Ecoboost Drive and Review

Maybe we are in Red rocks Colorado as you can tell by the red rocks but I could tell you, this Ford Escape I swear it was designed in the deepest darkest Bavaria it is the most European car I have ever driven that’s a Ford. Ladies and gentlemen sophistication. Right here in America only from Europe coming up next on the fast lane car.  My nana is school got. The European Menus German such. I think it’s really awful Madrid as your Gore step. Regular vehicle on I’m not pulling any punches here but I’ll become. Europeans you. Sign in nicely. Vehicle, Is the little things. That I like The door panel in the folds right here that’s actually really complicated not easy to do when you manufacture the cart all the lines move upward which is awesome envelope the wheels absolutely love them.  I need that have the sticker here and it’s.

2013 ford escapeWell it’s pretty shocking really you look at this of just over $34000 plus $825 destination delivery which means 30 this car is $35000 and you do get a lot of stuff but you don’t get like a sunroof which you would get in the Sportage for instance would you go all the way to the back of the car yeah and not only that but the sport is a lot cheaper but here’s the thing I think that the interior quality of this vehicle is war is better than the Sportage. Yes the courage he competes with are the brand new. Took the rap for The Honda CRV have Sportage, the Santa Fe I mean I keep going there’s a lot of cars in this category is perhaps one of the most competitive categories and what I think this car brings to the table is not just that European style panache but the way drives it is the best driver out of all of them and it’s the fastest right with Singapore Dr look to know right now. Nbae 35000 is a lot of money they didn’t but you do get things like heated seats you do get an automatic 6. Read what you can shift yourself with this will do that which is usable by you get saying witches well usable but what’s your I get is a fun driving experience.

I mean there is no other car in the segment that deals miss boarding and by that I mean it’s quickly to the road you know I really like the style the look of the new escape it is a complete 180 from the old 1 the old was boxy and very American of course this is much more developed. Modern stylish. I think handsome. But that’s because of course I’m European it’s also very small and I wouldn’t say it’s too small I teaches fits right when you compare to cars like. The new Santa Fe perhaps even the CRB those are much bigger vehicles but this to me is small and elegant but like that I don’t think you need something enormous to make a statement, only available at my compared to this on the road in terms of. Bahnsen power everything else would be like the Volkswagen take one. To get shows right up there with the Volkswagen which is one of my favorites vaping yesterday without your math slash. I think this escape the fastest we’ve got in this segment from 0 to 60 it was about 7.5 seconds. It’s fast and that’s because of this eco boost engine which is a turbo charged direct injected 2 year.

Which puts out 240 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque that is damn impressive but here’s the thing folks there is an issue it does have a 6 speed automatic transmission. But none of that helps when you have terrible leg and that’s what happens with this you put your foot down and takes a while the spool up then it goes in terms of overall driving ability this vehicle has it in spades over the competition as fast as some of the other cars are because we know that the kia is really close and speed. This feels more connected to the road and at the same time. I feel like a driver in this and this is a crossover Gus possibility drivers specifically like well when being boring. Super new light, 2013 Ford Escape headlights and tail led lights. I love the interior especially sitting here in the front seat everything is within reach excellent islands and quite frankly speaking the gauges are near perfect and ideal and let the steering wheel to. Here’s the thing this is a small vehicle but. Similarly myself and I am going to wear boots and 62 but parents 61 really dude I’m taller than you.

Look that’s not too bad that’s not bad at all. Thing is it’s kanamaro so few people across. Luna go to be smaller than me I agree with Nathan I like this interior. It’s modern it’s cool it’s fresh. It’s different except there is a fine the ointment well look appear.I see really awkward and can ungainly panel gaps of looks like. They haven’t quite mastered the idea of putting on these little bits and pieces together in a seamless flowing oil like Japanese do this needs. Prove it. Of course this is the top line titanium model so it has a lot of fun technology including blind spot monitoring. Self parking and perhaps my favorite feature. Well Look at that. Yeah it comes with your own Nathan tell. But if you don’t believe Nathan and really second he just had one leg or trying to yeah here’s the thing in terms of overall space not too bad relatively low roof that helps their dynamics and no but then again well it doesn’t really help when you’re loading things but the loading tonight is ideal especially for me and more importantly deceitful them so there’s lots of space.

Ndeb some cars and go sit on top of the road on top a garden and others you. Side of it and there’s no engagement. Here it makes you want to drive it makes you want to tackle this twisty road and that’s a beat is what makes this card that you winner in the segment absolutely you know the seats are really comfortable to you gotta admit they really hold you while. You know it is folks I’m able to point in the direction I want to go I know that sounds only on difficult none of.

See with electrically assisted power steering sometimes you don’t really know where the wheels are and in this case know of I’d make this turn right here it’s gonna go exactly where to place it. And this is a cross over it’s not supposed to do that. Alright if it’s only a tearful skill of diet the sick rented for forget it when you get a. I’m sorry for them to have to give this up by it I love it Picard amid give it Abidal Lisa co waffling that’s because $35000 no sunroof and where I can get that the look. This is the best writing Karn classes is 1 of the best performing vehicles in its class this is a very comfortable interior and I think you get a lot for the money alright so we got 060 yeah we reviewed it death what else is there wrong load gets right or if it did off road yes will come back for that as always Roman and they’ve been Phoenix them on the fast lane car and thank you for watching thanks. You know the downside is Nathan. These 2 liter engines what you’re becoming ubiquitous I mean everybody has them and every sticking turbochargers on them to make them. Smaller but yet more powerful man that fuel economy. It’s not great 20.8 MPG in real world testing. Yeah that’s not well frankly saga.