Used 2006-2009 Ford Explorer SUV – Car Review

 Ford Explorer I I’m in a silly and I’m Dan, you’ve selected auto traders used car review for the 2006 to 2009 Ford Explorer midsize SUV, it’s hard to shop for a mid size SUV without considering the tried and true Ford Explorer explores been on the road for more than 20 years and in 2006 it was completely redesigned for this fourth generation was restyled given a new interior, a new rear suspension and was upsized. We owe 6 their own 9 explorer comes in either of these. 4.oh liter V6 may. That’s enough to get you up to speed on the highway but made. So if you’re telling. This 4.6 liter V8 make To hunt 2 horsepower and has the benefit of its. Speed automatic. That’s the engine you’re probably gonna. I go for if you’re planning on home. Voter trailer Of course rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive models are both of. I think that most consumers would agree that this styling the Ford explorer pretty much defines SUV true but the exterior styling takes a backseat to the interior font considered a mid size SUV touching very spacious on the inside with plenty of headroom.

Interiors include cloth or leather seating, as well as virtually all of the features you’ve come to expect in an SUV, along with many features found more commonly in luxury sedans. This really is very comfortable and I like the visibility. So okay I’m so I’m sold on the look and feel on the ride how does explore hold up over time. Generally used explorers have had very few mechanical issues. Many customers report minor issues like corn leaks and soft brake pedal feel auto traders research found that many of 6 explorers have problems with the automatic transmission shifting roughly as well as what consumers called transmission logging but many of these problems will be resolved by the Thousands Ali. Also the power running boards that became available in 2007 and numerous issues with the family retract so they were discontinued in 2. Well we all heard about rollovers and safety issues of SUVs so house seat explore not to worry roll stability control as standard equipment on all of 6 that For Plus you have antilock brakes and Ford’s advanced track electronic stability system with a steep mountain side impact airbags 5 level front passenger symptoms. New LED headlights – super light. Additional information Ford Explorer LED headlights see at

The insurance institute for highway safety gives the Ford explorer its top rating of good for frontal offset impact protection and a rating of acceptable for side impact. How safe is my pocketbook when it comes to buying gas but he explored. Well depending on power train EPA mileage estimates range from 13 to 14 miles per gallon in the city and 20 to 21 miles per gallon. So if your day to day commuter who sometimes wants to go into the wild. Spoiler can take you there it’s better off road the many family friendly SUV’s and it’s got plenty of space for all their packs and tents and a thing else want to bring along. And the scores were hatched make for easy access. A monopoly and I’m Dan Wilson thanks for shopping for your next vehicle here at autotrader the ultimate automotive market.